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L.A. Ceramics Dental Laboratory offers a broad range of innovative solutions to accommodate your demands.  All restorations are American made and executed with precision, focusing on maximum quality standards. Regardless of the metal or process selected, the same esthetics and attention to detail goes into each restoration without expectations.  With our extensive skill set and experience as a team, we are capable of producing the best fit for your impression. 

Avery Wagman, CEO

"The great CEO, Reid Hoffman, once said 'You jump off of a cliff and assemble an airplane on the way down.' When I jumped 35 years ago, I never imagined I would still be building my airplane. When I think about it, I guess you could say it is a true testiment to my love and passion for this industry. I have had the pleasure of working with so many wonderful people throughout the years and for that alone I am most thankful, and humble. After 35 years of service, friendships and heartaches, I am still excited about what the future holds. I have embraced the digital age and preparing to fly."

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